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T.O., Welcome to Buffalo!

Posted by sportsallday on March 8, 2009

After several days of heated debate on where the illustrious wide receiver would end up, the answer became apparent on Saturday. Terrell Owens will APTOPIX Packers Cowboys Footballbe in the market for some boots and winter coats, as his new team happens to be the Buffalo Bills. Who would’ve ever thought that the outspoken Owens would end up with a team as problem-plagued as the Bills? Owens put rumors of his signing with other teams to rest when he signed a one-year, 6.5 million dollar contract with the bills. All of that is guaranteed money, which is a big bonus for Owens.The signing off Owens is definitely a high-risk, high-reward type situation for the Bills. He could potentially bring that intensity and pure talent that could light up the field in Buffalo. However, he could also bring his negative attitude that has tarnished his reputation with his three previous teams (49ers, Eagles and most recently the Cowboys).

The major question here is can T.O. really bring the change needed to transform this lackluster ball-club into a season-long contender? He has a long road ahead of him, as a majority of the Bills offense could land on his shoulders. This is due to the possibility of running back Marshawn Lynch’s impending suspension due to his possession of a loaded firearm in his vehicle. Lynch’s actions have landed him with 36 months of probation and 80 hours of community service, all of which must be completed by to-embrace1September 1st. If Lynch misses games due to suspension as he is expected to, Owens will have to carry the offense on his shoulders, something he is used to and looks forward to once more. After complaining about the lack of passes targeted to him this past season, Owens should find no shortage of passes coming his way come September.

The looming question that hangs over the clubhouse in Buffalo is will Terrell Owens continue to cause problems and be a hindrance to team chemistry? Or will he bring a presence that has been long-sought for in Buffalo that will help them overcome their three straight 7-9 seasons? The answers still up in the air, and come pre-season we will find out. Until then we will just have to hope that an old dog can learn some new tricks, because Owens’ old tricks will certainly not suit him here.

More coming later today on the decision of Alex Rodriguez to proceed with surgery on his torn labrum.

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What A Day In The NBA!

Posted by sportsallday on March 5, 2009

In a day of comebacks, homecomings and clinched playoff spots, perhaps the most thrilling game of the day took place in South Beach. The high-scoring affair pitted Phoenix and All-Star center Shaquille O’Neal against Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat at home. It was a homecoming for Shaq, who called Miami home for a few seasons before being traded to the d-wade-sunsSuns. Dwayne Wade went off on Phoenix, putting up 35 points, 16 dimes and 6 boards en route to an impressive 135-129 win. The Miami Heat bench, fueled by rookie phenom Michael Beasley and hot-shot 3-point shooter Daequan Cook supplemented the incredible performance by Miami’s starting 5 by going off for a combined 55 points. This sealed the deal for Miami, who after facing struggles in recent games was able to finish this one out and get a good win against a talented Suns squad led by Shaq. Dwayne Wade, who has averaged 37.3 points per game over his last 6 games has come alive for the Heat, who are trying to fight for the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference.

One team that no longer has to worry about their chances of making the playoffs are the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs, fresh off a win in Miami took complete control at home and cruised to a 91-73 against a sub-par Milawaukee Bucks team led by Richard Jefferson. The Cavs are the first team in the NBA to clinch a playoff spot, but that won’t be enough for them. Look out for Lebron and the Cavs to keep fighting for that number one seed and ideal homecourt advantage. With games against Boston, Miami and Phoenix coming up within the next week, the Cavs will have their work cut out for them.

Coming off a two-game skid, the Celtics were in desperate need of a win, and they managed to scrape one out against Devin Harris and the New Jersey 80391811BB284_CELT_CAVSNets. Led by Paul Pierce’s 31 points and 5 assists, the Celtics were able to overcome a Nets 4th-quarter comeback to win 115-111. Vince Carter’s 34 points and 4 assists was just not enough to propel the Nets against the defending champs, so the Nets will look to rebound against Dwight Howard’s Orlando Magic. Meanwhile, the Celtics will have to buck up because they are facing a surging Cleveland Cavaliers squad at home Friday, the Orlando Magic on Sunday and Dwayne Wade’s Miami Heat on Wednesday. Without KG, Boston will have to find some answers in order to keep their dreams alive of repeating as NBA champions.

Other teams around the NBA had some hard-fought games tonight as well. The Hawks fought back in the 4th quarter against the Knicks at Madison Sqaure Garden but came up short as they lost the game 109-105. Despite the valiant efforts of Tony Parker and his 37 point performance, the Dallas Mavericks were able to withstand the furious onslaught by the San Antonio Spurs to win 107-102. The Oklahoma City Thunder pulled off an 88-83 win against the struggling Washington Wizards due to a balanced attack from their 5 starters, all who ended up scoring in double figures. The Chicago rudy-gay1Bulls completely demolished the Golden State Warriors, having six players score in double figures on their way to a 110-88 victory at home. The Portland Trailblazers were able to capitalize on an impressive 28 point performance by Brandon Roy to beat the Indiana Pacers 107-105. The Pacers continue to miss All-Star Danny Granger, who has been sidelined with a foot injury since February 19th. The Utah Jazz were able to pull of a 101-94 victory against the ailing Houston Rockets, who are without Tracy McGrady for the remainder of the season. This win marks their 9th in a row, which poses the question can anyone stop them? We will get the answer to that when they face off at home against the Denver Nuggets. The Memphis Grizzlies got a good win against the Los Angeles Clippers. Not that it matters for either team, as they are both clearly out of the playoff races with Memphis having 16 wins and 44 losses and the Clippers having 15 wins and 47 losses. Rudy Gay was the shining star of the night, putting up 35 points and 8 boards to go along with Marc Gasol’s near triple-double effort of 20 points 10 assists and 8 boards. Tomorrow, the New Orleans Hornets face off against the Dallas Mavericks, who are fresh off a huge emotional victory against the San Antonio Spurs. Later in the night the Nuggets take on Brandon Roy and the Trailblazers in an attempt to continue their quest for a Western Conference playoff spot.

Tomorrow I’ll be covering the NFL Free Agency, including Terrell Owens being released by the Dallas Cowboys. Also will be covering the GHSA basketball state playoffs and Manny Ramirez signing back with the Dodgers.

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