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Another Crazy Week in Pre-Season Baseball!

Posted by sportsallday on March 8, 2009

manny-cocky“I’m back!” Those were the first words out of Manny Ramirez’s mouth at his “welcome back” press conference for the return of the outspoken super slugger. Ramirez is happy to be back in Los Angeles for at least another two seasons after signing a lucrative 2-year $45 million contract with $25 guaranteed in the first year. Who wouldn’t be happy getting paid a salary like that? Oh yeah, Ramirez a week earlier when he initially turned down the contract. Who in their right mind would turn down $45 million, especially when $25 million is guaranteed and it is only a TWO-year contract? Goes to show that no matter how talented you are, you can still come off as completely arrogant and overpaid.

On the other end of the baseball spectrum back on the East Coast, the Yankees have problems of their own with their superstar, Alex Rodriguez. Weeks after coming out with the story of his steroid use, Alex Rodriguez has opted to have surgery to fix his torn labrum. Unfortunately for the Yankees, a-rodthis surgery will have A-Rod out for at least 6-9 weeks, or at least that is what they are planning. Reports have said that a torn labrum can take up to 4 months or longer to heal after surgery, so the two month time-frame that the Yankees are giving Rodriguez is absolutely ridiculous. Why risk injuring their star player further by not allowing his injury to heal properly? The answer is simple. Without A-Rod in the lineup, the Yankess face the daunting task of replacing him at third base with their less than stellar backup infielders.  This unfortunate news comes weeks after A-Rod’s disheartening confession to steroid use. What a month it has been for Rodriguez and the Yankees. They can only hope that the coming months will bring relief to a Yankees squad that is in desperate need of a pennant come October. With the Red Sox reclaiming the throne as the American League East powerhouse, the Yankees have been left searching for answers.

In light of this, baseball is still going strong, with teams from all around the world competing in the World Baseball Classic. Early favorites Japan and the United States have jumped out to 2-0 and 1-0 records respectively. After losing their first two games, China blew out the previously undefeated Korean team with a humbling 14-0 victory. Look out for the unprecedented amount of talent in this incredible baseball tournament, you might not see anything like it again.

Coming later, David Beckham back with the Los Angeles Galaxy for good?

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T.O., Welcome to Buffalo!

Posted by sportsallday on March 8, 2009

After several days of heated debate on where the illustrious wide receiver would end up, the answer became apparent on Saturday. Terrell Owens will APTOPIX Packers Cowboys Footballbe in the market for some boots and winter coats, as his new team happens to be the Buffalo Bills. Who would’ve ever thought that the outspoken Owens would end up with a team as problem-plagued as the Bills? Owens put rumors of his signing with other teams to rest when he signed a one-year, 6.5 million dollar contract with the bills. All of that is guaranteed money, which is a big bonus for Owens.The signing off Owens is definitely a high-risk, high-reward type situation for the Bills. He could potentially bring that intensity and pure talent that could light up the field in Buffalo. However, he could also bring his negative attitude that has tarnished his reputation with his three previous teams (49ers, Eagles and most recently the Cowboys).

The major question here is can T.O. really bring the change needed to transform this lackluster ball-club into a season-long contender? He has a long road ahead of him, as a majority of the Bills offense could land on his shoulders. This is due to the possibility of running back Marshawn Lynch’s impending suspension due to his possession of a loaded firearm in his vehicle. Lynch’s actions have landed him with 36 months of probation and 80 hours of community service, all of which must be completed by to-embrace1September 1st. If Lynch misses games due to suspension as he is expected to, Owens will have to carry the offense on his shoulders, something he is used to and looks forward to once more. After complaining about the lack of passes targeted to him this past season, Owens should find no shortage of passes coming his way come September.

The looming question that hangs over the clubhouse in Buffalo is will Terrell Owens continue to cause problems and be a hindrance to team chemistry? Or will he bring a presence that has been long-sought for in Buffalo that will help them overcome their three straight 7-9 seasons? The answers still up in the air, and come pre-season we will find out. Until then we will just have to hope that an old dog can learn some new tricks, because Owens’ old tricks will certainly not suit him here.

More coming later today on the decision of Alex Rodriguez to proceed with surgery on his torn labrum.

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